FructoseintoleranzSome have known for a while now, so as I. Others only got the news recently: You are fructose intolerant.

Roughly a year ago I got the news: fructose intolerance (fructose maladsorption). Just like most of you (probably), I’ve had my fair share of problems before I got the diagnosis. After a while some tests were made and the root of all evil was found to be fructose. Sadly, I was on my own after that. I had to find out everything on my own: what I could eat (and more importantly: what I couldn’t) and where fructose can be hidden. Back then I really wished for people whom I could turn to, people who took on the job of enlightening others, who spread the information and who shared recipes you could start with.

That’s the reason I decided to start this blog. I’ve had a year to make my own experiences in dealing with fructose intolerance. It’s these experiences I want to share with everyone who’s fructose intolerant, has a family member or friend who’s fructose intolerant or simply wants to try something new when cooking.

In the beginning, I refused to cope with my fructose intolerance and therefore started modifying all the recipes I already knew and liked. I started right after I’d found out what exactly was left for me to eat, just so I could keep eating my favourite food. I’ve gotten especially creative when it comes to baking and tried lots of different stuff. Of course many things went wrong in the beginning, but by now I feel like I’ve gotten the hang of most things. I’ll keep experimenting and trying to find new recipes for me (and you) to enjoy. Whenever an idea for a recipe or meal crosses your mind and you’re not quite sure on how to go through with it, feel free to hit me up and I’ll try to help you. I also encourage you to comment on my recipes, especially if you’ve got an idea on how to improve them.

Aditionally I’ll keep a part of my blog reserved for experiences with eating out. I’ve decided to include this because eating at a friend’s house, a restaurant or a quick snack on the run can be rather problematic once you’re facing lactose intolerance. Most people either never heard of it or keep assuming that you’re simply not allowed to eat fruit. They’re usually caught off guard when you inform them that fructose also is present in vegetables, sugar and other sweeteners for example. Trying to inform them (or ease them into it) usually leads to a whole new set of (health) problems as well.

Keep in mind: I am not a doctor. Everything posted here comes from my own personal experience and your mileage may vary. When in doubt, consult your doctor or dietary advisor!

Finally, keep looking forward to new posts as I continue my travels with fructose intolerance!

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