Chocolate with creative flavours!

Time needed: roughly 90 minutes (not counting cooling time)

  • 2 pieces of fructose free chocolate ( you can also use a fructose and lactose free one)
Ingredients of your choice:

Everything you like and can digest. Here are a few examples and suggestions for creative fillings.

  • Nuts
  • cookies (for example fructose free butter cookies from Frusano, TUC crackers, etc…)
  • Caramel from glucose, optionally salted
  • Fructose free fruit gum (for example by Frusano)
  • Puffed corn (puffed rice, puffed spelt, puffed wheat, puffed quinoa, etc…)
  • Corny stuff (amaranthe, chia seeds, lineseed, sunflower seeds, etc…)
  • Spices (chili, cinnamon, clove powder, cardamom, salt, etc…)
  • dissolubl coffee or coffee beans
  • Water bath
  • Cup or metal bowl
  • thermometer
  • Baking tray with baking paper
  • oven mitts!

Break the chocolate into small pieces and put them into the cup. Place the thermometer in the cup and the cup in your water bath. Make sure that the chocolate doesn’t come into contact with the water, otherwise the chocolate will become siliceous (the chocolate will split into its components and can’t be blended again) and can’t be used anymore.

Boil the water so the chocolate begins to melt. Take the pot from the hotplate and continiously stir the chocolate. The chocolate shouldn’t become warmer than 45°C, otherwise it might show condensation.

Once the chocolate is molten, you can start being creative.

To do so, you can mix some ingredients of your choosing with your chocolate. Spread the chocolate on the baking tray covered with baking powder and sprinkle it with (additional) ingrediets of your choosing.

Let it cool and enjoy!

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