(Alcohol free) Christmas Cocktail

Time needed: 5 minutes   Ingredients: 100mL orange juice (not sweetened) 3 Tsp rice syrup ice cubes a knife point of cinnamon a knife point of ground clove optional: 2cl amaretto 50mL cranberry juice (not juiced, can usually be purchased in drug stores) 50mL sparkly water Tools: a shaker a straw For decoration: slices of…

Spice Bread

Time needed: 20 minutes (without cooling times)
Baking time: 50 – 60 minutes at 200 °C (upper and lower heat)

Crumbled Chocolate

Chocolate with creative flavours! Time needed: roughly 90 minutes (not counting cooling time) Ingredients: 2 pieces of fructose free chocolate ( you can also use a fructose and lactose free one) Ingredients of your choice: Everything you like and can digest. Here are a few examples and suggestions for creative fillings. Nuts cookies (for example…